Kate Miller-Heidke and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra — Live at the Sydney Opera House

As a general rule, I don’t much care for live albums.

It’s no secret that I can sometimes be quite the snob, and not just when it comes to singing off-key. It’s these raw, flattened arrangements that prioritise being easy to play alongside showing off the composition. They do not take advantage of the considerable benefits of studio recording: the tweaking and polishing and general fine-tuning. You have to be there in person to feel the push-pull, the energy, the synergy of a whole crowd responding to a musician they love, who responds in kind. When listening to a live album, you’re late to the party, a party intercut with interludes of applause. It’s the same party you’ve already been to, but worse in every way.

Not one of these complaints applies to Kate Miller-Heidke.

Dizzyingly agile and deceptively robust, her years of classical training have earned her the clarion-call register of a true soprano. On this album, she is accompanied by her husband and collaborative partner Keir Nuttal…

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Kacey Musgraves — Pageant Material

Sohn — Tremors

Haim — Something to Tell You

Lullatone — While Winter Whispers

Phoenix — Ti Amo

Lorde — Melodrama

Katy Perry — Witness

Oren Lavie — The Opposite Side of the Sea

Coldplay — Mylo Xyloto

Sylvan Esso — What Now